2013 Shareholders Meeting Minutes

Kays Creek Irrigation Company
PO Box 190 Layton, UT 84041

Minutes of Shareholders Meeting

March 27, 2013

Meeting held at Layton City Council Chambers
437 N. Wasatch Drive
Layton, UT 84041

President Scott Green conducted the meeting
Minutes from last meeting were read.
Motion to accept minutes: Scott Green Seconded: Mark Anderson

Scott introduced the website. Online bill pay, projects completed, FAQ, contact forms, etc. were reviewed. We will be adding in a link to Weber Basin’s website. Scott attended a meeting there on March 26 to discuss the water situation. Weber Basin provides water assessments for home owners free of charge. Paperwork was provided at the meeting regarding the services that they offer.

A slide show was presented on the Middle Fork diversion box and pipeline project. The existing 8 inch pipe was unusable and 12 inch pipe did not work at full capacity. 24 inch HDPE pipe was used to replace the old concrete pipe. The money for the project came from a Bureau of Reclamation WaterSMART matching grant (50%). Davis County Flood Control matched our portion ($167,000) and Layton City did all the engineering work, which saved the company $25,000. Thurgood Excavation was the low bid on the contract and received the job. They did great work and finished the project in under 6 weeks. The fusing machine was $600 a day, but Thurgood worked so quickly we finished the fusing work early and saved money.

Scott reviewed the work done on the pipeline.

Scott reviewed the benefits of the new diversion box. The old box was so inefficient that it caused flooding in high runoff years and had to be sandbagged.

2013 projects:

  1. Pressurize Antelope Drive from Jay Love’s pond to Layton City PW shops.
  2. Pipe installation in Layton Parkway from Angel to 1700 W.
    • Bore under I-15
    • Design I-15 to Angel Street (under the RR crossing)
    • Layton City – Update water master plan and study secondary water options.

Q: Where is the water for the new projects coming from?
A: Andy Adams

We’ve applied for another grant. We should know by May 24th if we received it. Government money is tighter this year than before but we our work is a continuation of previous grants so that is in our favor.

Layton City gave us use of a pipeline under Main Street saving us $70,000.

We are charging impact fees for new homes to help with infrastructure costs.

Joe Hill reported on the annual Water Users meeting in St. George. Water is at an average of 50% this year, which is far from ideal. Water meetings across the state have focused on how to save water. Will it be policed? The highway area already is. There could possibly be fines for water runoff in the future. Then Governor has put together a water task force. Water from Kays Creek might be diverted in the future. Talk and interest and concern about water conservation is higher than ever before.

Scott talked about how the ground is so dry this year that the water is soaking into the ground. We’re not seeing a lot of runoff yet. The reservoirs are looking good right now but we came close to running out last year. We need to be educated water users.

Checking account status was introduced: a large portion of the money will be used for the Layton Parkway job so that we don’t lose the new areas opening up.

The new proxy ballot was introduced.

The plan for non payers also introduced. Rather than going back and forth turning off water and taking out valves, we will introduce legal action that will be paid for by the non payers.

Harris Adams made a comment about needing help with his sprinkling system to make sure it was efficient.

A question was raised about the water schedule. Scott said that he would talk to the scheduler and also mentioned that the lid would be replaced.

A question was asked about the Layton High area, but there is no timetable to serve that area. Layton High is a big money maker for the city and they aren’t ready to turn that over yet. We are getting set to provide water to Layton Park, which will save the City money and is something wanted by Weber Basin so that culinary water isn’t used in the park.

What kind of pressure will we have along the new lines?

Same as before. We have pressure regulators for further down the line.

Can the diversion box behind Bob Parrish’s home be cleaned out?


Will the minutes of board meetings be put on the website?


Scott mentioned that we’ve already saved 35% of our water out of Andy Adams and Hobbs, and the new project for this year will save even more.

Scott proposed that the meeting be closed. Suzanne Flinders seconded.