Kays Creek Board Meeting

Kays Creek Irrigation
PO Box 190 Layton, UT 84041

Minutes of Board Meeting


Held at 290 N. Angel Street Kaysville, UT 84037
Meeting Opened at 4pm

Agenda Items

Kays Creek has been trying to create a good relationship with Layton City and to that end Scott met with Alex Jensen, Woody and Gary Crane to help explain how Kays Creek Irrigation helps Layton City and to answer questions. Alex Jensen is concerned about water supply and wants guarantees but the city is on board with the plan to expand secondary water service. Kays Creek could potentially supply up to 5000 additional customers but right now the lines are dry. We need to go under the freeway and railroad tracks to connect to new areas.

We didn’t get the Water SMART grant because we didn’t have a master plan for water distribution. Layton City is helping us to develop this. We can either borrow $700,000 from the state or we can wait til next year and try again for a grant with Layton City’s help. Do we wait or do we approach the state?

Woody put forth an alternate plan where the city puts up half the money. He would have to go over the plan with others at the city level. We have water all the way to Gentile and dry lines in place. We would just hook in, place new pipe along our old pipe and get water to the new subdivisions. In the new areas we would also put in meters. Woody suggested we also put in for a grant to meter our existing area, as Weber Basin did. Meters are $250 per. Jon was in favor of working with Layton City.

Jon expressed that we should get a card reader to accept payments over the phone. The board said that the secretary should have an iPad or other device to accomplish this. He motioned and Scott seconded. Scott motioned that we charge the 3 percent fee to the customer and Jon seconded.

How should we handle people who overwater? Scott wants the board’s backing for his actions. People ignore our notes, but always call when he turns off the water. How many warnings should people receive? 2 warnings, third time out is a $25 fine and water is off for five days, fourth offense, water is off for the summer. Motion for this: Jon Green. Second: Woody.

Craig Willson is not in our district but Junior gave him a 2 inch line. He is at the end of Weber Basin’s line and gets a lot of residue. He is using our water for $125 but has 9 acres. He says he is only watering 3 acres and is trying to negotiate for just 1. Should we allow him to stay on? Jon Green says no. Woody suggests a meter. What will we charge him if he stays? He should pay last year’s bill or he’s shut off. He’ll pay for a meter and be assigned an acre foot. He should pay $170 because he is not a share holder. Motion made by Scott Green. Second: Joe Hill.

Get on a notification list with Layton City so that new people can get a welcome letter and get acquainted with the company. Woody will look into this.

Scott requested a raise. Other people do less and get paid more. He also pointed out that there have been no raises for 5 years. Jon motioned that Scott, Wes and Joanna get a 10% raise and Woody seconded it. Do board members get a stipend? Lois said that it was not legal but Scott agreed to contact the lawyer to find out for sure. Scott reminded the board members to bill Kays Creek for any work done on the ditches.

The meeting was closed at 5:02pm.