Board Meeting Notes

Kays Creek Irrigation
PO Box 190 Layton, UT 84041


Board Meeting Notes

Held at 290 N. Angel Street
Kaysville, UT 84037

Joanna read the notes from the last meeting in June. Craig Willson’s water supply was shut off and that was how the problem was dealt with. The overwatering notices were successful. Last year at the end of the watering season we had 20 acre feet left in the ponds. This year we had 680 acre feet, so the conservation efforts were worthwhile. Hobbs is at 30 feet and is full at 38. Andy Adams has 16.5 ft and is full at 22. A new head gate will be placed at diversion box at Bob Parish’s. This will help with water conservation and distribution.

Kays Creek approached Bureau of Reclamation and received a $700,000 loan to go under the freeway and the railroad and hook up the new areas. Survey of the freeway has been accomplished and CRS is working with UDOT to update the permits. They are also going to aid Steve Jackson in working with the railroad to gain the necessary permits. The permit process with railroad could take months, so we could possibly do some of the work around the railroad bore and then match up the work at the tracks when the permits are in place. The Board approved continuing efforts to secure grants, including the waterSMART grant available in 2014.

Kays Creek, UDOT, Layton City and Weber Basin have a bid out to run a 24 inch line to hook into the outlet box at 2600 North and Hwy 89 where all the earth was washed away and Weber Basin’s aqueduct is exposed. Layton City will provide the dirt to fill the hole, and then rock will go on top to help with the outflow. The cost is $53,000 and it is hoped that all four entities will contribute to fixing the problem.

Weber Basin is going to run a new 36 inch steel water line along the trail access by Hobbs (on the north side), then below the dam and up the other side. This is to replace an old 27 inch water line that services Fruit Heights and Kaysville and which has been leaking. The new line will be parallel to the old line. Coordination will be needed between the two companies and Weber Basin may need easements over Kays Creek property.

Woody updated us on the new Layton City Water Master Plan from Bowen & Collins out of Draper. They will be doing a complete secondary water plan for Layton City. They will confirm or verify the master plan and confirm the resources available. Once the master plan is finished, Woody will arrange a presentation where Bowen and Collins explains the plan to the Kays Creek board of directors. Woody will make hard copies of the updated master plan and make that available to the board. The finished master plan should be completed sometime in January and will be presented then. Layton City may need to take the lead in infrastructure in order to have it ready when development begins so that connection fees can be charged and hook up can happen right away. Holmes Creek and Kays Creek are the main participants in the secondary water master plan. Water shortage issues can be addressed through the water notices and water meters.

What do we do in the case of bankruptcy where people do not have to pay the bill? If the water is turned off before bankruptcy is declared, do we have them pay a security deposit to reconnect? Joe recommended contacting the lawyer to see what is allowable by law. We also discussed whether HB 290 and HB 60 affect Kays Creek.

We discussed the situation of Wes Green. The board clarified the company’s drug policy. The company will send him a letter of warning and if there is a second drug related offense he will be terminated. The board felt that Wes’ personal health issues would be aided in their stabilization if he were able to come back to his regular routine. If he is able to come back to work, he will be under the personal supervision of Scott Green. Jon offered his contract labor to help in the interim with the manual labor efforts the company is undertaking.

The meeting adjourned at 5:25pm.

Joanna Stowell