Kays Creek Irrigation Meeting

Kays Creek Irrigation Meeting


Meeting started at 1:30pm

The Kays Creek Irrigation board would like to recognize the great contribution of Jay Love to the company and express our condolences to his family on his passing. Welcome also to Adams Love as a board of directors appointee.

Joe Hill recently sold his shares of Kays Creek Irrigation stock. When his term expires a vacancy will be available. The current Kays Creek bylaws require that board members hold 5 shares. This precludes members in the residential areas who hold the vast majority of the water shares and provide 80% of the revenue. Would a change in the bylaws to include these residential shareholders be appropriate? Woody made a motion to make a change in the bylaws to be presented to the shareholders at the 2014 meeting. Jon seconded. Contact David Wright about wording for the proposed change.

2014 shareholders meeting will be held on March 5, 2014 at the Layton City Council chambers at 6pm. This will allow enough time to address the potential Weber Basin water shortage and still send out notices with the April bills. Proxy ballots need to be in with the secretary three days before the meeting for counting purposes. Weber Basin will hold a meeting in March and if the water situation is still dire, they will shorten our water allotment. This will determine the length of our water season.

Carol Smith wants to separate her water share from her property. It is pressurized water and can’t be moved to the flood system. She is losing the home and wants to make money off the water. It is the amount that is needed for the property. If someone bought the home, they would either need to rent Kays Creek water at a higher rate or use culinary, which the city does not want. What do we do? People are able to sell above and beyond what they need for their property, but should not be able to sell what is needed for the property. Contact David about a bylaw change to protect the land and water shares.

Woody provided an update on the Layton City master plan. Bowen and Collins have found that the best way for Layton City to meet its water needs is to utilize Kays Creek and Holmes Creek water. Woody will email their findings to the board. A presentation will be made to the City Council at their meeting in February. Representation from the Kays Creek Board is desired, especially as the council members may have questions.

In the last 7 years, through grants, flood control, Layton City, etc., we’ve brought in almost $2 million in funds for projects and improvements.

Adams had a question about shareholder priority. Everyone that now has water has shares. If we extend into West Layton, they will not have shares so if the water runs short, their water will be shut off first. Does any water goes to the lake? The water that is pressurized and we are able to use it. The water that goes to the farmers does go down.

Wayne Flint – look him up in the old ditch records. Headgate off of Weaver Lane watered Junior Hill’s ground. Wayne never had any right to the water and had no shares. His son Randy has no shares either but wants Kays Creek to take care of the headgate.

Joe Hill moved that adjourn the meeting. Woody seconded. Meeting ended at 3:05 pm.