Kays Creek Irrigation Shareholders Meeting

Kays Creek Irrigation Shareholders Meeting

Layton City Council Chambers

Meeting was opened by Scott Green.
Minutes read by Joanna Stowell.

Woody Woodruff presentation on Layton City Master Plan for water: Bowen and Collins were hired to update the City plan. Secondary water is a large part of that plan. 4 irrigation companies could possibly provide water to west Layton: Kays Creek, Holmes, Creek, Davis & Weber and Weber Basin. Layton City has changed its focus from culinary to secondary. No questions were asked.

Updates: Fort Lane & Antelope project done. Scott met with NRCS to help with areas that may need help with their sprinkling system. Need to do: finish outlet box up on HWY 89. With the state and Kays Creek both running water, it is washing part of the area away. We are going to run a 24 inch line out of the box. We got a permit for stream alteration and hope to get one soon from the Corps of Engineers. We already have the pipe on hand which will keep costs very low. We want to do another project on Church Street. We stopped at John Purdy’s place and would like to continue on to connect to other customers. We went to the state and borrowed money to bore under the freeway and the rail road tracks. Our current loan used on Hobbs will be paid off this year and the new loan will start in 2015. In the past few years we’ve come up with 1.1 million in grants and loans to complete needed projects.

Weber Basin said that if we hadn’t have picked up the storms lately they would have cut our allotment by 50%. Our water saving measures last year helped to keep the ponds from running too low. Water currently is going into the ground instead of as runoff. It is melting from the ground up.

John: If you start selling water and the water is low, where is the water going to come from?

Answer: Those without water shares will be the first to be turned off. They will understand this up front.

Q – How many shares are in Kays Creek? Owned by customers and by the company? Kays Creek owns 7 Water shares.

Article Changes: water to stay with the ground. If there is excess water it can be sold. Lots of questions about the wording of the amendment. People feel like the water is being taken away from them. There is not sufficient water out of South Fork to keep East Layton watered so we had to take water from Weber Basin. Weber Basin’s contract with us is that we can’t take the water out of the district. We can’t take water from Hobbs to Andy Adams. Several people feel that this amendment either devalues the water or takes the water away. Ed Green talked about how they would like to see different verbage used so that stock owners have more of a say in the water. Suzanne Flinders talked about using a pool of water like Davis and Weber. Scott pointed out that Davis and Weber used a percentage. Pays Davis and Weber and has never received a drop of water from them. JR has Weber Basin and doesn’t use his Kays Creek water and is upset that he couldn’t sell his Kays Creek water. Amendment IV has been tabled.
Amendment V: The pressurized people bring in +$300,000 and the farmers only bring in $71,000. The pressurized customers are not represented. Suzanne mentioned that in 2007 the bylaws have been changed at cost of $13,000. She claimed that the whole voting system is unethical. Ed Green made the point that he’d like to see the pressurized customer held to one seat on the board. He doesn’t feel like the average pressurized customer would have skin in the game and would hurt his interests. He also recognized that eventually there would be very few farmers and that the pressurized customers will need to have representation. Joe announced that he will not be running again and that he’s giving notice that people can run for his spot in a year. He assured the people that we are not trying to take water. Davis and Weber got in a bind when they started selling water to Park City. They had to reel it in and make it so that the remaining water wasn’t used outside the district. Harris Adams talked about use: transfers should be on the open market and it isn’t possible to use water out of our district. Scott said that there is: our lines cross Davis & Weber’s in a number of areas and they’ve asked to have access to our lines. So there is a chance to transfer water out of the city. There is an agreement in place that makes it so that Kays Creek Irrigation doesn’t service Kaysville City at all.

Scott turned the time over to Jon and Joe to talk about Wes. The board met and talked about the situation. Jon talked about a woman who had been married for 60 years and when asked about why their marriage was successful she said that when something is broke you don’t throw it away, you fix it. The board chose to fix Wes. What he did, did not affect the company, it is a personal issue. A question was asked about whether the bylaws contain anything to address drug issues. Adams Love said we should have mandatory drug testing to address the liability issues. Ed Green said that Wes is well trained and needs a second chance, but that if any further problems come up he should be terminated. Suzanne Flinders asked if we could hire seasonal employees or part time so that if Scott dies and Wes is gone we are not left without someone who knows the system. Scott stated that he’s turned over all the maps to Layton City and that all the lines and valves are being GPS’d. Scott said that we do hire help in the summer and that there are always two people that go into every yard when the valves are turned off and on. Joe talked about how Scott wasn’t present when the board made its decision about Wes and that Scott is doing a great job and that working with Layton City has saved the company lots of money. He expressed his confidence in Wes. Ed Green asked about the GPS system. Every new valve going in and every line going in is on GPS and is on their system and our system. Ed was concerned that if there was an emergency and Scott couldn’t be contacted, would Layton City be able to step up?

Patty Brown wanted there to be a change to a vote system so that everyone has one vote.

Elections were called for.

Scott Green and Jon Green were reelected. Amendment 2 passed.

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