Kays Creek Irrigation Shareholder’s Meeting

Kays Creek Irrigation Shareholder’s Meeting



Meeting was opened by Scott Green.

Minutes from the 2014 shareholder’s meeting read by Joanna Stowell. Joanna addressed questions that were sent in and directed to her regarding the website, working from home (it is not always 100% professional with small children there, but I do my best and have never lost any payments), and whether using her home was being leveraged as a tax write off; which it is not.

Kays Creek I-15 crossing project. Pipe was previously laid Layton Parkway for connection to West Layton, but we didn’t connect at that time because the cost was too high. We received a grant in 2013, which was increased in 2014 to $850,000 to complete the project. Construction was done by Whitaker Construction, who did a great job.

Q. Do we have enough water for West Layton?
A. This is from Andy Adams pond so it doesn’t affect the east Layton pressurized customers. We are working hard to ensure that we don’t run out of water and don’t over extend our water.

Q. How many of these are stockholders?
A. There are still certificate holders out in that area. All the new home owners are shareholders because Layton City held the shares and turned them over to homeowners.

Q. Is $150 enough to charge new homeowners. It should be more.

Review of the damage done on Cherry Lane. Concern was expressed that the insurance did not cover the damage. Why can’t we change insurance companies? We can’t find another company that will cover a secondary water system with dams. We are doing repairs on Cherry Lane and Oakridge now before Layton City does an overlay because after the overlay is in we can’t dig in the road for 3 years.

Hobbs will not fill this year; we’ll be 6 feet short. We have two creeks that pour in and they are running low. We will start loading the lines a little early to make sure there aren’t any problems. Andy Adams is full; it gets good run off from the golf course and the roads.

The outlet box project on Hwy 89 is finished.

We buy water from Weber Basin and if they put restrictions in place that will affect us. Everyone will be in the same boat if restrictions are in place. We can’t know what will happen until we get there.

Q. Is West Layton still on flood or pressurized?
A. It’s on flood until

Q. There is a break in the line in front of a home in East Layton. Can credit be extended for the water not used last year if the line is fixed this year? A. That is something to be taken up by the board. The board will make that decision. Q. Layton City bought some land and didn’t install the pipe deep enough. A. That is an issue for Layton City. Q. Is this an issue regarding the lines written down somewhere? I asked people up and down the street and nobody knew about it. If Nancy had known there was this potential problem, she might not have used secondary. A three way cost split was proposed and said no to. A. An invitation was given to the people concerned to come and speak to the board regarding the problem.
Q. How are you going to handle the new hookups versus the old hookups? The new hookups are set up in front of the homes, at the curb. The lines were set in place long before and we are trying to deal with how the system was initially set up.

Salary discussion: Scott talked about asking for a raise. Without his retirement, he wouldn’t be able to make a living. Other people who do the same work make double what he does.

Wes is still working for Kays Creek Irrigation because the board voted for him to stay. There is no liability on Wes. He is drug tested and clean, he is doing a great job. Scott houses all the Kays Creek equipment on his property. He pays the taxes and he maintains the shed and the equipment. We are on salary because hourly wages can be more expensive because of overtime.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:55pm. Scott motioned, Duane Child and Adams Love seconded

Joe Hill took a few minutes and shared his thoughts about how great a job Scott is doing and how we should support Wes. He expressed a hope that these family issues that are brought up at every meeting can be brought to an end.