Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting


Layton City Building

Scott Green, Adams Love, Jon Green, Steve Jackson present

$84,000 left over from grant – we want to see if the state will let us utilize the remaining money. This will not extend the life of the loan significantly. We would also like to approach the state about making an interest payment for 2015 so that money is freed up to finish the work out in West Layton and at the freeway interchange as well as continue to make repairs on the system.

We need to replace Joe Hill. Propose Clark Hirschi to replace him. He would be the first pressurized customer board member.

Jerry Stevensen is paying to extend a Kays Creek Line to his property on 1700 West.

Map to be created to mark the lines and valves in the Kays Creek service area. Proposed that we get quotes from various companies and individuals for a price point. This will give us the best price for the work. Scott will be able to share all the knowledge of the system that he has so that others can be aware of the lines and valve locations.

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