Kays Creek Board Meeting

Kays Creek Board Meeting 1/12/15

Meeting began at 4:30pm

Present: Scott Green, Joe Hill, Jon Green, Woody Woodruff, Adams Love.
Discussion Item: Proposed pipe relocation at Adams Farms Subdivision.

Scott Green provided maps to show the current location of the Kays Creek pipe and the proposed plan to move it. The new proposal will include 3 90 degree angles which Woody said would be “sweeps” that provide a gradual 90 instead of a sharp 90 degree turn. It takes extra space but provides better flow. Jon expressed a concern about pressure difference but Woody said that since the pipe is 18 inch, and the line is pressurized, the pressure wouldn’t decrease significantly.

Pro – the line is in the street and not in someone’s backyard.
Con – Cost is greater to fix.
Pro – A line break would flood homes in its current location, the street contains flood drains to help siphon off water if there is a break.

Layton City requires a one year warranty on the work.

Woody guarantees that there will be no decrease in pressure but Scott feels that there should be a provision that Mr. Ed Green should provide money in an escrow account that would provide for pumps to regulate pressure if there is a pressure loss. The work would also need to be finished by April 1, 2015, just prior to the beginning of the water season. Pumps run from $450 to $3750 (for the hardware) plus work from a certified contractor. New lots required to have meters. Escrow account should contain $15,000.00. If the system works and there is no problem, the money would be refunded to Mr. Ed Green. There would also be a $500.00 connection fee per lot to hook on to the secondary system. Engineer should evaluate the impacts to the pressure and flow of the line.

Woody votes against the $15,000 escrow account because the city has a minimum pressure requirement of 40 psi. The pressure of the new line would be above that. Scott pointed out that the customers are already accustomed to a much higher pressure and would be dissatisfied with less. If Ed Green’s engineer says that the pressure loss would be negligible and it is more; then he should have to mitigate it.

Vote: In favor: Scott, Jon, Adams, Joe. Against: Woody.

Ed Green and Bryce Thurgood joined the meeting.

Proposed: Engineer to do a pressure examination. Money in escrow for pumps if needed.

Ed Green’s question: Will the pressure change when the pipeline is opened to the west?

Proposed: Pressure tests done to gauge what new pressure amounts will be. A regulator may need to be installed at Flint.

A valve in lot 9 would need to be moved into the street into the area where the drain is so that there would be a central control area.

The proposed items were agreed to. Mr. Green and Mr. Thurgood left.

Other Items:

Will the contractors at Kennington Parkway pay for a portion of the line? No, that is what the connection fees are for, it helps to offset the costs. Now that the water is in the line, we can ask for the connection fees as part of the permit costs. Evergreen Farms will have a lot of lots. Jerry Stevensen wants to connect to our lines for his orchard drip line. He would pay for the cost.

Layton City wants us to put an 18 inch line under Hill Field Road. The cost would be $67,000. Woody proposed that we put our name on the abandoned cement line that goes along the old Gordon Avenue area south of Reams. This way we don’t have to put any money up front but allows us to preserve the conduit for the future. How do we put our name on it? UDOT may have video of the concrete line; Woody will ask them to provide us a copy so that we can see the condition of the pipe.

Two things Layton City wants to work in partnership with Kays Creek Irrigation:
1. Break on Cherry Lane which the city repaired. The insurance company has denied the claim of $32,000.
2. 18 inch line extended to Kennington Parkway Phase 2 – $46,000

The city recommends that we exchange those for the annual assessment. This is an unofficial proposal, but we have a similar one in place. This would be an amendment to the existing agreement.

All in favor: unanimous

Update on Layton City master plan: presentation to the council in February on secondary irrigation (master plan was sidelined by council members with ties to Davis and Weber). The city has concerns about Kays Creek’s future, i.e.: who will run it in the future, etc. Would Layton City buy it? That is a possibility, something to discuss. Davis and Weber had promised to provide water to some areas in the past and then didn’t do it. Their costs are higher. Holmes Creek has no infrastructure. They would be a water supplier. Weber Basin also has cost issues. Kays Creek will be invited to the meeting to share information about the company.

The meeting ended at 6pm.

Joanna Stowell, Secretary