Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting


Present: Scott Green, Clark Hirschi, Steven Jackson, Woody Woodruff, Jon Green, Adams Love

10 inch pipe at Weaver lane – push it through the old irrigation line – to connect to a new subdivision in the area. 1110 feet would go in. A 6 inch line will go in at Glen Perkins $1100 for pipe, Thurgood is putting in a bid; probably will be around $6,000. We have 200 feet of pipe that we can use. Installation will be relatively simple. We will need fusing and will have to tear up Blaine Nichols driveway because the original pipe installation was poorly done and is bumpy.

2. Layton City’s GPS system looks great. Proposal in place to have a fulltime GIS individual. We want to map our system and tie in. Hold off until we know if the new GIS position at Layton will be funded and filled.

3. Mark Taylor has a sod farm near Andy Adams. He has exposed PVC line that is deteriorating in the sun and the pipes break frequently. He is wasting lots of water and people are complaining. Scott has explained our water overuse policy to him. He doesn’t care about the water issues and says that if we send him anything in writing it needs to be sent to his lawyer as well. What can be done? He needs to maintain his lines. We will send policy in writing to Mark Taylor, his lawyer, and the Davis School District (who owns the land). Clark Hirschi: if he gets to the point that he gets off for the summer can we tell him to pay for a meter? Scott: We’ve never had to shut anybody off. This is new territory. We will send the letters and Scott will enforce the policy.

4. A raise for Wes, Steve, and Joanna? Scott proposed $1. Adams mentioned that wages are raising fast and that people with a heart beat who have no skills can start at $15 an hour. Jon proposed $2 an hour and Adams seconded.

5. Clark asked if the work at Andy Adams was finished and Scott said yes and that it was full. It is at 19 feet. Jon asked are we extending out past 2200 West? Woody provided an update on the water plan for Layton City. Weber Basin said that their future water availability will come from conservation. This will facilitate that use of secondary water in the city. Weber basin is trying to get out of the delivery of water. They are turning their systems over to local districts. They have proposed that Layton City take over the system here. They will pay the city to manage the system. Layton City will probably go this route. They provide water to 4000 homes. Alex Jensen is in favor of this. Once it is decided, the city will finalize their master plan for water. Davis and Weber wants an all or nothing situation with the city. If the city council will make a decision, it would take 3 months to finalize. How it will turn out with all the secondary companies is still up in the air, but with the city as a partner the water can extend out to new areas in the west. Kays Creek can supply up to 2500 homes. We have an empty line under the freeway that would connect us to the Hillfield area. Layton City wants secondary for the park out there. If we can have a dam inspector to sign off on Hobbs, we can raise the level from 38 feet to 50 and that provides more water for services.

6. Layton Parkway is done. Scott will load it early (on the 7th) to make sure that there are no problems. Layton City has submitted a budget to create a two lane road in that area. If it is approved, construction will start next spring which will give time for the line to settle. Steve – Jerry Stevens connection needs to be checked for cross connection. Will Scott please coordinate with Wes Adams about that? Scott has been in contact with him and we have been careful with the disconnections.

7. Regulator on 1100 E. Cherry Lane that needs to be fixed. Scott will need to pull out curbing. Layton City is planning on road work there so we will coordinate that. 1348 N. 1000 E. and 1340 Plum Tree Drive (cul de sacs); were are two valves in the new subdivision that won’t close. 1325 E. Gordon has a valve that needs repairing. Projected budget is $30,000.

8. Woody: IHC hospital is coming in. Is Kays Creek servicing them? Scott: Yes. We already have a 6 inch line in place. They need to bring it over to Layton parkway and bore under to connect to the hospital area. They want to do that this year. IHC will be required to put a trail so we will need finish the work quickly. We don’t yet know what size lines we need but it looks like we will need a 12 inch and an 8 inch. We can put in a vault and the trail will go over. This will make for easy access. A 12 inch regulator runs around $9500 and 8 inch is $7200. The box will cost more. The pipe needs to be in before the middle of April. Woody: When IHC comes in they will have a year before they complete the first out patient section, and the in patient hospital will be another year beyond that. Scott will be invited to the preconstruction meeting.

9. We are looking into a new accounting program. Quickbooks is not able to handle to load. It crashes when printing invoices. Jon said we should look into a new program.

10. The savings account is in good shape. We are putting aside all the connection fees. Adams asked if Adams Farm has paid. Yes. Scott mentioned that their contractor is running over all the boxes and breaking them. It is $750 per box. Scott showed the broken boxes to Ed Green and he is taking it up with Thurgood.

11. How many hours are being used by Jon? He needs to pay the city for the use. We will provide the rate.

12. Kevin Hill and other homeowners on Angel Street having been using Joe Hill’s ditch for Kays Creek Water. Destination Homes wants to fill the ditch but the homeowners claim they have rights to it. They don’t want to use the water coming through the regular Weaver Lane ditch because they have to be on turns and some of the turns are early in the morning. On turns they would only have 4 hours, but on the ditch they have almost unlimited use; which is unfair. Their easement was by permission and the permission was taken away. The fight is between the homeowners and Destination homes, Kays Creek is staying out of it. The water comes out of the creek. If it is piped, as required by Kaysville City, the homeowners want us to maintain it but we will not. Layton City is finishing its Kays Creek project. There is a new 48 inch pipe being installed which will dump into the creek. This can cause problems because it floods backyards along the creek. When the new junior high school is put in Layton City wants to put in lines to connect to it. Before that happens and the road is put in, we will need to put a valve in that line. Davis and Weber would want to connect to it since it is close to that area. We would have to meter that line. It would be a good revenue source.

Darin Deru’s sod farm is gone so we won’t have to deal with that this year.