Share holder meeting 2016

Kays Creek Irrigation Shareholder Meeting


Layton City Council Chambers

Welcome: Scott Green

Presentation of slideshow by Scott Green: Details of new west Layton connections and installation work, and Andy Adams outlet box.

Q & A:

When is pressurized going to Weaver Lane?

Scott: We have the pipe and are getting a bid on the 25th of March. It will be done before the 15th of April. The large boxes are being pulled out and homoewoners need to let us know where they want them to be.

Is Church Street going to be pressurized?

Scott: At some time in the future. We’d like to connect the two ponds at Rainbow but there is no timetable yet.

We pay 39,000 for water from Weber Basin. At their current rate we would not be able to afford the water, that is why we need to conserve.

Pressure at 2200 West is 140-145 lbs so we need to put in a pressure regulator.

Weber Basin is offering rebates for water conservation efforts by homeowners.

Utah’s population is going from 3million to 5. The demand for water will be great. Our system is 60 years old. We’ve been doing some repairs and we need to do more before Layton City does an overlay on Cherry Lane. The transite pipe that is now in place would not survive an earthquake. We need to come up with a master plan of how to deal updating the system. The estimate is that it would cost us 15million to repair and replace. We are trying to coordinate with the city; when they repair a road we could replace pipe. When Hwy 89 is repaired we can start with the 30 inch line there.

When did Joe Hill sell his stock? The Standard Examiner said that he sold it years ago.

Scott: He sold a part a few years ago and finished the sale last year (in 2015).

How are seats on the board filled?

Scott: When Joe Hill sold his shares the bylaws allow the board to choose someone to fill the position until the next election. Clark Hirschi: I put forth my name at the last election meeting and so when the position was opened Scott Green called and I agreed to serve. Scott:We need to discuss some options of creating greater publicity, but elections are held every two years and if you want to be considered for the board call in January and we’ll put you on ballot.
How can we address costs?

Scott: Price of fuel and parts have increased. We are trying to keeps costs low and still be able to take care of the system.

Why are non-stockholders paying the same as stockholders? That shouldn’t be allowed.

Scott: We will have to discuss this further.

Catherin Nalder has to rent water to others and she should get compensation. She is contributing and getting nothing out of it. Scott: The water system was set up that way in the beginning. It looks like Kays Creek is being paid twice. Clark: The money is not going into anyone’s pocket. It is going into a pool that helps to maintain the system. Ed: Davis and Weber will reimburse up to 80% of rented water. Maybe something like that can be created. If Weber Basin buys the Davis and Weber water

Are the new homeowners in west Layton shareholders? Yes, the city allocated water to them. Jerry Stevenson is not and that is why he has a dual system. If water is getting low, he will be shut off. Water is being purchased by developers and given to the city for the homeowners.

Call for elections