Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting 1/5/17

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting


Present: Scott Green, Adams Love, Jon Green, Woody Woodruff, Clark Hirschi, Joel Love

Jacob’s Hollow: The proposed change in the line coming through Jacob’s Hollow is approved.  Woody made a motion and Adams Love seconded.

Magnets: Staining of fences out west caused by iron and manganese in the water.  We’ve looked into chlorination, aeration, and magnets.  The magnet provider is guaranteeing that it will work or they will buy it back.  The magnets will go into the 8 inch line.  Adams: Once the metal gets on the magnet, what happens to the metal? Joe: There is a flush system on the one we use.  Scott: It is supposed to work like a water softener without the salt.  The metal molecules enlarge so that they don’t stick to the fences.  We would know within two weeks if it worked.  If it does work, we have the option of putting the magnets in more places.  Joe: How many magnets are needed? Scott: We would need to put them at the breakoffs for the subdivisions.  They can’t be too far down the line.  As for the current staining; a product called UnRust worked really well on a trial fence piece.  I tried it again on a community fence down in the area, but it was really cold and it didn’t work.  I will try again in the spring and if it works we will spread the word.  Proposed that we use the magnets, Jon Green seconded.

Budget Review: Joanna provided a detailed breakdown of the 2016 expenses.  Business insurance went down by $3000 with better coverage.  Weber Basin will go up in 2017 by 4%.  We will get more connection fees in 2017, but we need to put that money in savings for expansion of the system.  There are important repairs that need to be done in 2017.  We will need $75,000 for valve replacement in east Layton.  We have parts, but we won’t know what is truly needed until we cut into the road.  The valves are 53 years old and if these go down, major parts of east Layton would be down for a week in the summer.  Scott is selling his ground to Ivory Homes.  If the sale goes through, the Kays Creek shed will need to be moved to the Kays Creek land up by Andy Adams Reservoir.  The estimate to move the shed is $20,000.  Magnets will run $6200.00 for parts and $8800 for installation.  We would need to buy more in 2018.  Woody: I would like to see a bigger magnet on the 18 inch line and then fewer on the subdivisions.  If it works it would be more cost effective.  Scott: The seller is concerned that it needs to be closer to the customer.  Adams: That sells more magnets for him.  Let’s definitely try it.  Jon: What do we need to get done this year?  We need to do repairs, we need to do the magnets, and move the shed.  Scott: We already approved mapping of the lines.  Weber Basin and Layton City can help.  We also want to do a study for Hobbs Dam to see if we can raise the water level 10 feet.  It would cost $6000 to lift the outlet box and $5500 for the study.  Clark: Is this budget reflective of a typical year?  That would bear on any decision to raise rates.  Where is the break on Cherry Lane reflected in the budget?  Scott: The city absorbed the cost.  Kays Creek is not charging the City for their water usage in exchange for the help on the line break.  Joanna:  We were still finishing up a large project at the beginning of the year, so that is reflected in the numbers.  We will come even with the City on the amount owed this year and will begin receiving revenue in 2018 which is around $35,000.  Scott: DNR is interested in helping with an aeration bubbler in Andy Adams if we receive a grant.  Woody: Layton City is looking into bringing their shares of Holmes Creek water into Andy Adams as well.  It would be piped under the Valley View Golf Course and into the pond.

Farmers vs. Pressurized Customers.  Scott: the farmers are charged $150 for their first share and the $40 for each additional share.  The pressurized customers are charged $150 for their first acre foot and $30 for each additional acre foot.  The pressurized customers are carrying the farmers.  I propose that we equalize the two.  Jon: That is a big jump all at once.  What if we went half the proposed amount? You can’t raise the farmers to the level of the residential customers, they don’t use the amount of water.  Adams: The delivery system is also less complicated with the farmers.   Joe: Can we look at other revenue streams?  What about the connection fees.  Woody: the City would have to look into whether or not that would be defensible if the contractors challenged it.  How many new customers are coming in?  250?  Joanna: At 250 customers that brings in an additional $37,500 a year.  We could wait a year.  The pipe at 2200 will take half of our savings and we can use the remainder for part of the repairs in March.

Letter on the west Layton water issues?  No.  We need to do the magnets and the work first.

Clark: we should send out a letter letting people know what is going on so that when people come to the shareholders meeting they feel like they know what is going on.  It would be really helpful if we met with people beforehand and tried to settle some of the issues that keep coming up.  We will meet at a time that works for everyone.  Scott will provide costs for meters.  What would it cost to fix the pipe?  Jon: they have tried to fix it in the past, but it has been 25 years since it worked.  Proposed that 2 board members meet with the Nalder/Weaver  family to discuss their concerns. Adams Love seconded.  We can move the board meeting to mid March, that way the bills and the newsletter will be out and communication will be open with the shareholders.  Proposed that the meeting be held March 22, 2017 at 6pm.  Adams Love seconded.

If the grant through the DNR works out, we will need power at the dam to run the generators.  They take a long time to get things going, and the cost would be $5000.  If we get the paperwork ready now, we can have things in line if the grant goes through.  Jon: we can always cancel it if needed, but we should have it ready to go.  Woody made the proposal and Clark seconded.

Adams is leaving in the summer and needs to be released from the Kays Creek board.  Proposed that Joe Love takes his place.  Scott proposed and Jon Green seconded.

Adams: waste water issues.  What would be the cost of a 4 inch bore?  Scott: I priced out a 2 inch bore 3 years ago and it was $1500.  We will help you with whatever you need.

Woody: An agreement has been crafted between Weber Basin and Layton City.  Weber Basin would be the water provider and Layton City would be over the manager and maintenance.  We would like to see how that would work out with Kays Creek.  We want to protect the water rights for the city, protect the reservoirs as great resources for the community, and utilize the resources here.  The idea is to have one secondary system and the contributors would be Kays Creek (the largest), Holmes Creek, and Davis Weber Canal.  The City is hoping to enter into an agreement in the next 2 to 3 years.  Scott: we would remain a separate entity, water delivery would be what we take care of, while Layton City would take care of the pipes.  Woody: we would be able to put the charge on the water bill and that would give leverage for those who do not pay.

Clark: We need to make sure that the items brought up in the 2016 shareholders meeting are addressed: i.e. drug testing and audit.  Scott: my drug testing is done and the testing for the other employees is random.  I am meeting with a CPA next week and will ask about how to order an audit.  Clark: People need to know that their concerns are heard and it will help the shareholder’s meeting go smoothly.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30.

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