Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting 8/22/17

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting
Layton City Engineering Board Room
Present: Scott Green, Jon Green, Woody Woodruff, Wade Green, Joe Love
Absent: Clark Hirschi

Kays Creek Irrigation had to let Steven Hildebrandt go. We paid him every 2 weeks. Do we pay him a final check? Jon: Yes. Joe: seconded.

Wade Green has stepped in to help Scott after the loss of both Wes and Steve. He has been instrumental in keeping Kays Creek going this summer. Scott would like to keep Wade on. Joe: Is this hiring going to give you all the help you need for Kays Creek? Scott: We need to see where we are with the City before we know what else we need. Woody: After October we will be able to work toward creating a draft proposal between Kays Creek and Layton City. Jon: Do we put Wade on a salary? Scott: That would be best because some days are long and some are short, and we don’t get paid to go on emergency calls. I would train him and the city as well on how to maintain the reservoirs and do what needs to be done. If the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contract goes through with the city, I wouldn’t need another employee. Woody: Our plan is to have the O&M go into effect in the spring of 2018. Jon: Would we pay Wade what we paid Wes? Joanna: Wes’ yearly salary was $37,000. Jon: I propose that we pay Wade that amount. Woody: second. Jon: Would we also cover insurance like we did for Wes? Scott: Let’s wait to see how much it would be. We can get the numbers and present that to the board for discussion.

Report: We found a line that had been stubbed off behind East Layton Elementary. We will be able to utilize it for the new homes going into the field behind. Ovation is building the homes back there.

Budget Review: there is 6 months of operating capital plus extra money for fall repairs.

O&M Review: The city would take over the operation and maintenance of the pipes and also bill secondary through the city’s utilities. An agreement would be reached between Kays Creek and the City that would cover costs and benefits for each. The city would not take over the flood area.

Report: The magnets that were put in the pipes out west do not seem to be working. Scott: Should I take them out? Woody: I would take them out and have the company come get them. They said they would reimburse us? Scott: Yes. Woody: The staining seems to be more of a chemical reaction than anything I think. Is it caused by the heat? Scott: It seems to be having an effect, but the magnets may be making the manganese problem worse. The company offered some free 1 inch magnets to go into individual home lines. I installed a few and will check on them to see if the staining was less for those particular homes. There was also a subdivision that didn’t get a magnet and I will compare that area with the other neighborhoods.

Response to west Layton resident complaint: Draft a letter to address the issues raised. Advise them to adjust their sprinklers; when water starts to run off it is too much. The heat seems to make the problem worse. Unrust will help with the staining.

Reponse to overwatering concerns letter: we do what we can to watch but we also rely on neighbors to let us know.

Brett Perkins expressed interest in being on the board, but there is a possible conflict of interest as he works for the city. Woody, Jon, and Scott will visit with Brett and also confer with Gary Crane. Scott Green owns 10 shares of Kays Creek Irrigation Water and can continue in his service as president of Kays Creek Irrigation Company.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20.

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