Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting 11/14/17

Kays Creek Irrigation Company Board Meeting
Layton City Offices
Start time: 4pm

James “Woody” Woodruff has left employment with Layton City and moved on to another job. That leaves an opening on the board of directors. It is proposed that the new city engineer, Steve Jackson, take his place on the Kays Creek board of directors in order to maintain our working relationship with the city, especially as the city is moving toward taking over the maintenance of our pipes. Scott Green moved that Steve take Woody’s place on the board and Clark Hirschi and Joe Love seconded.

Davis and Weber Water has a 2014 gas engine work truck with 58,000 miles on it. They are offering to sell it to us for $17,000. This would replace our other work truck that has close to 200,000 miles. Jon Green motioned that we buy the truck. Steve Jackson seconded.

The Kays Creek Irrigation/Layton City pipe agreement is still in the draft stages. The proposal will have some different aspects than the Layton City/Weber Basin contract. A possible part of the contract would be that Layton City would have a permanent seat on the board of directors. Kays Creek will keep responsibility over the dams. Gary Crane, the city attorney, will approve the draft and then turn it over to Kays Creek and our lawyer, David Wright, for scrutiny. The shareholders will vote on the final draft.

How will we deal with the problem of the iron from Andy Adams? The magnets didn’t work. Unrust works great on the fences. If the driveways and sidewalks are sealed, the iron cleans off very easily. If we run a pipe to connect Hobbs with Andy Adams, that would dilute the water, but it is also costly. We are still a good candidate for the DWR grant that would allow us to put in the bubblers, but we will hear on that next year.
The Nature Conservancy has requested information from the company regarding a variety of different topics. Our lawyer, David Wright, responded with a reminder that the company is a secondary water service provider and that our primary mission is to serve the shareholders. If pressurized water is turned down to the flood areas, the water pressure of the residential customers will be compromised. Only ditch water can be sold to those looking for flood water shares. Pressurized water is sold for those building on the pressurized system.

The Kays Creek shed on Scott’s property will be moved in stages. Footings and foundation will be laid this fall and the building will moved in the spring.

Meeting adjourned at 5:09pm.

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