Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting 2/27/18

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting
Layton City Building

1. We have a group of farmers who are billed in the fall, but do not pay until January. We still have some bills outstanding. How to handle?
a. Bill in spring
b. The bylaws allow us to seize shares and sell them.
c. Leave them off the ticket
We will meet with David and explore our options. We will bill in spring and send a notice with bill about the possibility of selling shares. Motion by Clark Hirschi. Seconded by Joe Love.

2. Water from the old Whitesides property was sold to the Adams Company and now the new owners of the property have no water designated to the property. We need to look into how to help maintain water sufficient for the ground while still allowing excess water to be sold. David Wright will advise.

3. They are running a line to the new Junior High. People next to the line want to hook on. Scott has told the homeowners that they need to buy water and pay the hook up fee. There is a straight ditch there, but it belongs to Davis and Weber. Scott has told them that if they have Davis Weber water, they could sell their shares and use the money to buy Kays Creek water shares. This needs to be done before the road goes in because the city will not allow them to cut across a new road for three years. Steve: they need to know about Layton City’s water exaction. They can use their Davis Weber shares and turn them into the city for the program. That will fulfill the need to buy water. If they buy Kays Creek water, that will have to be turned in to the city.

4. Stuart Adams said a bill is being proposed to make it mandatory to hook meters to all existing customers if a company has more than 500 customers. That would cost Kays Creek $8 million. Scott will keep in touch Senator Adams and monitor the progress of the bill.

Meeting Closed at 4:40pm.

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