Kays Creek Board Meeting – March 4, 2020

Kays Creek Board of Directors Meeting




Present: Scott Green, Joe Love, Jon Green Clark Hirschi, Stephen Jackson


  1. Pressurize Love property on Fort Lane and Antelope. Love’s would like to take 33-acre feet from the creek and and divert it from its destination of Hobbs Reservoir to Weber Basin’s holding pond and then down the pressurized line for sprinkling.  If flood irrigation is utilized, pressure will go down for all customers on the Kays Creek line.  This solution keeps water pressure up for Kays Creek customers and allows the Love’s to utilize their water.  Weber Basin will require a meter for the Love’s and cap their water use at 33-acre feet.  Motion to approve: Jon Green. Second: Clark Hirschi.


  1. Lawyers are continuing to work on the agreement between Layton City and Kays Creek Irrigation. Timeline is summer for release of the agreement and meeting, and a vote for adoption of the transfer.  The Layton City Council will then need to approve the transfer.


  1. Rates remain the same for the year 2020.


  1. Motion to hire part-time work for the summer: Steve Jackson. Second: Joe Love


Meeting Closed: 4:45pm

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