Kays Creek Irrigation Company was incorporated on April 26, 1897, founded by residents of Layton who were determined to find a way to overcome the yearly summer water shortage which left Davis County ditches dry by mid-July and shortened the growing season.

The best way to do this was to create reservoirs. Andy Adams Reservoir was built first, but it didn’t meet the area’s needs so a second reservoir was planned and built starting in 1914: Hobbs Reservoir. Water from the North Fork of Kays Creek is stored in Hobbs, Middle Fork is diverted to either Hobbs or Andy Adams, and South Fork water is stored in Andy Adams. With the reservoirs in place, water was able to be diverted, collected, stored and then used by area farmers who now enjoyed an extended growing season. Because of Kays Creek Irrigation Company’s early water collection efforts, farmers and east Layton residents are able to have water for lawns, gardens, and fields.