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Kays Creek Irrigation Company Board Meeting Layton City Engineering Offices 11/6/19 Start Time: 4:00pm Present: Scott Green, Joe Love, Jon Green, Clark Hirschi, Steve Jackson, Gary Crane Motion by Joe Love: Joanna Stowell is made executive director over the Quickbooks Account for Kays Creek Irrigation. Seconded: Jon Green Discussion of the Layton City/Kays Creek Irrigation […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting 2/18/19 Layton City Engineering Offices Present: Stephen Jackson, Jon Green, Clark Hirschi, Joe Love, Scott Green (by Face Time) Meeting Start: 4pm Shareholder’s Meeting Date: April 10, 2019, 6 to 7pm. Conduct at board meeting: 1. Questions to be submitted 10 days beforehand. The board reserves the right to table […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting 10/3/18 Layton City Building (Engineering Board Room) 4pm Agenda Items: Bart Hyde is now on Davis-Weber Water, which is more expensive than Kays Creek. Kays Creek has agreed to pay the difference between his one share and cost of Davis and Weber water. We will bill him $35 which will […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting Layton City Engineering Conference Room 8/6/18 4pm Weber Basin’s Report – compare 2017 to 2018. So far we have used 614 acre feet. That leaves us with 1386 acre feet for the remainder of the year. Every year we build up a reserve from South Fork and Middle Fork. In […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Company Board Meeting 6/8/18 4pm Layton City Conference Room Review of Kays Creek Irrigation Shareholders Meeting: Clarification: With regards to the customers out west, Layton City holds the shares of water. The city has a water exaction program. The developer buys water to satisfy the water exaction program and then surrenders that […]

Shareholder’s Meeting March 20, 2018 Layton City Council Room Meeting opened at 6pm Scott Green welcomed the shareholders. 2017 Shareholder Meeting Minutes were read. Presentation by Scott Green: Kays Creek Irrigation applied for a grant last year to install bubblers in Andy Adams reservoir, but we did not receive it. The company reapplied this year […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Company Board Meeting 11/14/17 Layton City Offices Start time: 4pm James “Woody” Woodruff has left employment with Layton City and moved on to another job. That leaves an opening on the board of directors. It is proposed that the new city engineer, Steve Jackson, take his place on the Kays Creek board […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting Layton City Engineering Board Room 8/22/17 Present: Scott Green, Jon Green, Woody Woodruff, Wade Green, Joe Love Absent: Clark Hirschi Kays Creek Irrigation had to let Steven Hildebrandt go. We paid him every 2 weeks. Do we pay him a final check? Jon: Yes. Joe: seconded. Wade Green has stepped […]