Kays Creek Irrigation Company Board of Directors Meeting 10/1/15 Layton City Building Present: Scott Green Jay Love Woody Woodruff Clark Hirschi Steve Jackson – Layton City Water Shares for new homes – the board needs to decide what amount of water should be allotted to each of the homes in the new subdivisions. Meters will […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Board Meeting 8/3/15 Layton City Building Scott Green, Adams Love, Jon Green, Steve Jackson present $84,000 left over from grant – we want to see if the state will let us utilize the remaining money. This will not extend the life of the loan significantly. We would also like to approach the […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Shareholder’s Meeting 3/31/15 6pm Meeting was opened by Scott Green. Minutes from the 2014 shareholder’s meeting read by Joanna Stowell. Joanna addressed questions that were sent in and directed to her regarding the website, working from home (it is not always 100% professional with small children there, but I do my best […]

Kay’s Creek Board Meeting 9/8/14 Layton City Bldg 3 pm Present: Scott Green, Joe Hill, Adams Love, Woody Woodruff, Jon Green excused. Budget review – with last quarter expenditures we should end the year with $100,000 – roughly with income from farmers not considered. With all the rain we have excellent water totals. Scott has […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Shareholders Meeting 4/2/14 6pm Layton City Council Chambers Meeting was opened by Scott Green. Minutes read by Joanna Stowell. Woody Woodruff presentation on Layton City Master Plan for water: Bowen and Collins were hired to update the City plan. Secondary water is a large part of that plan. 4 irrigation companies could […]

Kays Creek Irrigation Company PO Box 190 Layton, UT 84041 801-776-5052 Minutes of Shareholders Meeting March 27, 2013 Meeting held at Layton City Council Chambers 437 N. Wasatch Drive Layton, UT 84041 President Scott Green conducted the meeting Minutes from last meeting were read. Motion to accept minutes: Scott Green Seconded: Mark Anderson Scott introduced […]