When does water service start/stop?

We start loading the lines around the 11th of April. This process takes a few days because after the main line is full, we need to load 35 secondary lines. Water is usually delivered to each home by the 18th. We turn off the water by October 15.

When do the bills come out/when are they due?

Bills for our pressurized shareholders are sent at the beginning of March and are due April 1st. Bills for the farmers are sent at the beginning of October and are due November 1 st.

It is past April 15th but I still don’t have water, why?

When we load the lines in the spring, we sometimes come across problems that have cropped up during the winter. If there are leaks in the line, we will have to fix them before you can receive water service. If there are no leaks, you could have a dirty filter which would block water from coming into your sprinkler system. Also, your valve might not be open. Please check both of these.

I had water yesterday but not today, why?

If we have to fix a leak, we will shut off water to that line and that could affect all or part of a neighborhood. Please be patient as we work on the solution. In order to dig for the lines we have to call Blue Stakes, and that puts an automatic 48 hour waiting period in place to allow all utilities time to mark their lines and cables.
Have you paid your bill?

Why do I have to pay Kays Creek for water if I already pay Layton City?

Kays Creek Irrigation is your secondary water service provider. Layton City provides the culinary water for in-home use. You could use culinary water for your lawn but the price would make you cry.

Why does Kays Creek Irrigation have watering hours?

Utah is the second driest state in the nation and water is a precious commodity. Daytime watering is inefficient because most of the moisture is lost due to evaporation. You’ll have better results and water less often if you water after 6pm and before 10 am.

I have new sod/seed, can I water during the day?

Yes. Daytime watering of new lawn is allowed for up to six weeks.

Why are the farmers allowed to water during the day?

They have more ground to water and need the extra hours.

Is the secondary water safe to drink?

The water is NOT potable; it has not been treated. It is only for your lawn and garden and not for consumption.

I’ve received a notice about overwatering. What does this mean?

Lawns only need to be watered four days a week in May for 21 minutes per station and three days a week for 21 minutes per station during the summer months.* If watering occurs more frequently, the ground becomes oversaturated and the additional water runs off into the street. If we see or receive a report of water run-off, we will give you a notice to cut back. If that notice is ignored, we will shut off your valve to save water. Please be a responsible water consumer!
* The only exception to this standard is for people who live on a hill. In order to avoid run-off, water more frequently but for shorter periods of time.

What does the Kays Creek Irrigation valve look like?

Never try to open the company valve. If you need your water turned off, please call us. If you break the valve there is a minimum charge of $175 to replace it. If we shut off the company valve and water stops leaking, the repair is the homeowner’s responsibility. If water still leaks from a shut off valve, we will repair it.

I live in west Layton and am seeing staining on my fence and concrete. What is happening?

Secondary water from Andy Adams has a high iron content. This is what is causing the staining. Seal your concrete and use iron removing agents such as UnRust to clean vinyl fencing.

How can I pay my bill?

Kays Creek Irrigation has three ways for you to conveniently and securely pay your annual bill:

1. Send in a check to PO Box 190, Layton, UT 84041; please include your invoice # on the check.
2. Pay your bill online using our bill pay page. Simply click on the BILL PAY tab of this website and follow the instructions.
3. Call 801-776-5052 to pay by phone.

For more information on water conservation methods please visit slowtheflow.org. If you would like more information on how to properly irrigate your lawn and garden, a free consultation can be arranged. Please call 801-771-1677 to set up an appointment or go to www.weberbasin.com for more information.